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We are a specialist grade 1 cricket bat maker based  in the heart of the Essex countryside, situated within England's finest grade 1 cricket bat willow supply.

We combine decades of playing the game with 35 years of engineering and material design expertise. We are CNC free, all our bats being completely  handmade. 

  • We grow our own willow here on site next to where all our bats are made, giving us total control over quality and materials.
  • We only make bespoke handmade grade 1 cricket bats, matched to our customers requirements from the finest quality willow available. Each unique bat is hand finished for the best rebound and pick up possible.
  • We care, a grade 1 bat made for you is repaired by us for the useful &playable life of the bat, no matter how times it's broken. 
  • We repair, if you have a bat, that needs some attention, maybe weight loss, better pick up, re-balancing, broken toe, needs a face lift, need a copy made, all you need to do is drop your bat into us here. 

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